About Me

My name is Ranga.

What is unique about me?

I am not sure yet. Therefore, I have embarked on this journey of rediscovering self and improving.
I truly believe I am one huge 'work-in-progress' project.
Therefore, I keep working on self, constantly, non-tiringly and as consistently as possible.
I am a writer and have worked as a journalist for daily newspapers in India and Dubai.
Lifestyle and human interest stories are my things.
I am drawn towards people who like to be their 'real' self.
No frills and no pretences.
Most importantly, people who understand that there is nothing like a 'perfect being'.
We are all WIPs (Work In Progress).
We will never be 'completed' as a project because till our last breath, we will be working, aiming and trying to make ourselves better.

In short, all that I have described here applies to me.

This is me and this is who I am.

While we are still talking about me, just wanted to let you guys know that I have published works of fiction. Thanks to Mawenzi House Toronto. My short story was featured as part of an anthology in Her Mother's Ashes 3.

Guess this is all I have.
For sure, will keep you all informed if and when I have more to share.

Thank you.



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